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Nevada Law Areas of Practice: Premises Liabilty
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In Reno slip and fall injuries are prevalent at casinos and other congested areas, including shopping malls and grocery stores.  The key tenant to a slip and fall liability is to prove that the victim had no prior knowledge that the area was unsafe and it was not an open and obvious danger.

With any slip and fall case, the victim must prove that the premise owner either created the dangerous condition or was on notice of the condition or had a reasonable time to discover the condition prior to the accident.

Premise Liability cases, including slip and falls, are tough cases to prove as one must prove notice of the harm prior to the fall. Often times the casino or other public entity can claim that they were not privy to the harm prior to the fall, which could alter the tenants of the case. If you believe you have been injured due to lack of notice or overall negligence, contact Benson and Bingham, experts who deal with slip and fall injury claims every week.




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